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Miscusi is an Italian restaurant company founded in 2017, known for being the first brand entirely dedicated to fresh pasta. Founded with the aim of celebrating Italian culinary tradition, Miscusi stands out for its attention to the quality of raw ingredients and its simple and genuine recipes. The welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere of their restaurants creates a pleasant environment for all guests. Miscusi is not just a place to enjoy excellent pasta dishes but also a company with a strong environmental and social ethic. The company places particular emphasis on biodiversity and sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into its business model. Additionally, Miscusi engages in social responsibility projects to positively contribute to the communities in which it operates. Another distinctive aspect of Miscusi is its continuous investment in innovative solutions. This approach allows the company to maintain a leading position in the food industry, always offering new gastronomic experiences to its customers. In short, Miscusi is synonymous with passion for pasta, Italian tradition, sustainability, and innovation.

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