Since we represent a meeting point for millions of people, we believe it’s our duty to pursue and promote choices with a low environmental impact, to ensure respect for and balance of the ecosystem.

What we have done and are doing

  • Construction of a photovoltaic plant:
    – total area 6,000 sqm
    – production: more than 600,000 kilowatts/year
    – plant power: 598 kilowatts/hour
    – CO2 abatement: 283 tonnes/year
  • Exclusive use of recycled paper in all bathrooms and toilets for customers and offices.
  • Installation of heat-pump machines for air conditioning and area treatment.
  • Use of energy-saving LED lamps in all lighting and signage in galleries and outdoor and underground car parks.
  • Separate collection of all materials and waste produced by the Operators
  • Electric charging station for cars and motorbikes in the basement garage.

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